review of Schroeder's TRANCE exhibition at Laney Contemporary by L J Young  AP_Schroeder'sTRANCE review by LJYoung.pdf

ARTPULSE_Art Critics Readinglist_Todd Schroeder http://media.virbcdn.com/files/7e/cd843321b83396f6-ARTPULSE_ArtCriticsReadinglist_ToddSchroeder.pdf

Todd Schroeder's Instagram https://www.instagram.com/toddschroeder0/

Link to Laney Contemporary http://laneycontemporary.com/todd-schroeder/

Todd Schroeder's review of Maggie Mullin O'Hara at Telfair Museums/Jepson Center from ARTPULSE magazine MMO'Hara_ITTTY_review_ToddSchroeder_ArtPulseNo30Vol8.pdf

Todd Schroeder's review of Corinne Wasmuht at SCAD Museum of Art from ARTPULSE magazine http://artpulsemagazine.com/corinne-wasmuht

pdf of 45 small drawings, sud_117 to sud_161, view or download pdf here: ts_sud_117-161.pdf

pdf of 116 small drawings, sud_1 to sud_116, view or download pdf here: ts_sud_116_Todd Schroeder 2012.pdf

Todd Schroeder: Notes from the field, artist project - from: artcore journal, Volume 2, Issue 2: Introvert/Extrovert, view or download pdf here: Todd Schroeder_Notes from the field_for artcore journal_Introvert Extrovert issue.pdf - link here: http://artcorejournal.net/2014/02/16/todd-schroeder-notes-from-the-field/

The Newspaper Project at Printed Matter bookstore: https://printedmatter.org/catalog/37569

review of The Newspaper Project: Todd Schroeder and Bill Singer, installation by Timothy Callaghan and Royden Watson at the William Busta Gallery, ARTPULSE magazine (no. 20 vol. 5, 2014) by Douglas Max Utter, view or download pdf here: Artpulse_NewspaperReviewDMUtter_SchroederSinger.pdf

downloadable digital layout of The NewspaperToddSchroeder_BillSinger_NewspaperProject_DigitalLayout.pdf

The Newspaper Project archive: http://www.wirvs.com/new-page/

Interview with Todd Schroeder by Sarah Walko, from Eyes Towards The Dovehttp://eyes-towards-the-dove.com/2014/10/raven-todd-schroeder/